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Mobile payments highly visible at the Shop & E-Commerce 2017 expo

Toni Kokkonen, 10.3.2017

This year the most visible aspect of the companies present at the fair was the influx of mobile payment methods and the current and soon to be launched mobile wallets, all having their own stands.

At the Payment Highway after party Sami Karhunen talked on the virtualization of physical stores and the effects of everyday automatization. Neste’s Head of Payments and Payment Methods, Kai Lindström talked about Neste’s payment app.

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Boosting Conversion With Dynamic 3-D Secure

Terho Siikanen, 3.3.2017

3-D Secure (i.e. Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode) is a cardholder authentication method designed to provide more security and shift the liability of fraudulent payments away from the merchants.

Unfortunately along with the extra security comes very cumbersome extra steps for the customers. Find out how to turn 3-D Secure into an advantage.

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“Buying is fun, paying is not” - how to combat this mindset?

Terho Siikanen, 30.1.2017

When purchasing items or services, paying tends to be only an annoying mandatory step in the process, and as such, has a huge impact on conversion and the return rate. Payment Highway provides merchants and service providers with a superior toolset to combat this dilemma.

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